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Best Practices

Leverage the experience of the RingCentral affiliate team and increase your commission earnings. We offer a variety of selling tips and ideas that will help you to drive greater traffic to your site, increasing your sales activities and boosting your business.

Here are some success tips to help you position RingCentral on your sites:

1. Highlight the unique features and benefits of RingCentral Office to help visitors find the best solution for their needs.

2. Develop valulable educational content for prospective buyers and choose from a wide range of supporting banners and text links. In our creative library, you'll find a wide-assortment of text links and banners that point to dedicated landing pages for features such as these:

  • Hosted PBX
  • IP PBX
  • Cloud PBX
  • Unified Communication
  • Business Communications
  • Business Telephone
  • Business VoIP

3. A great way to increase commissions is to promote RingCentral Office as a complete business phone solution.

Whether you promote RingCentral through content or comparison sites, email / newsletters or natural or paid search, the below best practices will help you drive relevant and highly converting traffic.

Content sites

Use your unique voice: By developing your own unique content, you'll not only complement RingCentral ad copy, but you'll help differentiate yourself from your competition.

Edit your work (or have someone else proof it for you): Not only will you appear more professional, correct spelling and grammar helps increase your natural search ranking and achieve the best conversion rates.

Branding guidelines are important: Any use of RingCentral product must be in full compliance with RingCentral's logo usage guidelines.

Text links and banners: Where your banner and text links are placed can often be just as important as what they say; the following tips will help you convert more prospective customers.

  • Give banners a prominent placement and be sure to keep them 'above the fold' (viewable without scrolling down the page).
  • New creative will keep your prospective customers interested.
  • Text links work well if they're placed in the right context.

Use text links for the highest conversions: Text links in the right context consistently have the highest conversions rates.

Email / Newsletter

We've found that sell-through rates for links included in opt-in emails and newsletters are consistently among our highest converting links. Email marketing remains an effective business model and communications medium; however, it is important to follow email best practices to ensure both legal compliance and improve performance. Compliance: Please comply with laws regulating email solicitations. Any company or individual practicing email marketing is subject to federal and state email laws including the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. Be sure to review and conform to any legal regulations and RingCentral's email policy.

Review / Comparison sites

If you have a product comparison website (for example: freephone numbers, Internet fax and VoIP), be sure to feature RingCentral copy as appropriate.

Natural & Paid Search

Natural and paid search using keyword terms is an excellent, cost-effective way to target potential customers. (Please review our search policy before you get started.)

Paid Search Campaigns

To get you started, here are some suggested keywords that convert strongly for each of our products:

Recommended PPC Keywords

RingCentral Office:

Business Telephone Service, hosted phone service, business phone service, phone service, complete phone service, small business phone service, phone system, office telephone, VoIP service provider, business VoIP service, multi-user phone system, hosted PBX, IP PBX, cloud PBX, unified communication, business VoIP, business conferencing

Case studies and Press Releases

Improve your campaign results by supporting your promotions with RingCentral case studies and press releases.

Frame it within your content: Before presenting a case study or press release, it helps to provide context, such as a review of our products.